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Views: 4569 Category: Education License: All Rights Reserved Like it (0) Dislike it (0) Added: October 27, 2012 This Presentation is Public Favorites:0 Presentation Description No description available. 5DETERMINATION OF RATE CONSTANT FROM ORAL ABSORPTION DATA : DETERMINATION OF RATE CONSTANT FROM ORAL ABSORPTION DATA 6METHOD OF RESIDUAL: METHOD OF RESIDUAL This technique is also known as feathering, peeling and stripping. 85-89 Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacokinetics An Introduction by Robert E. & A semilog plot of percent unabsorbed (i.e. 13Wagner-Nelson Method for estimation of Ka : Wagner-Nelson Method for estimation of K a One of the better alternatives to curve fitting method in the estimation of K a is Wagner-Nelson method. 220-244.

Send to Blogs and Networks Processing . The amount of drug eliminated at any time t can be calculated as follows: Substitution of values of X and X E in equation 1 yields: - 14PowerPoint Presentation: , - The total amount of drug absorbed into systemic circulation from time zero to infinity can be given The fraction of a drug absorbed at any time t given as , Since at t=,c=0 the above equation reduce to 15PowerPoint Presentation: Percent drug unabsorbed at any time is therefore : log %ARA time Slope = -Ka/2.303 Figure Semilog plot of percent ARA versus t according to Wagner- Nelson method . Lag time should not be confused with onset time . 16PowerPoint Presentation: This method requires collection of blood samples after a single oral dose at regular of time intervals till the entire amount of drug is eliminated from the body. Wagner derived a exact Loo-Riegelman equation: A T / V p = C T K 10 0 T C P dt K 12 e -K21 T 0 T C P e K21 t dt A T = Amount of drug absorbed to time T V p = Volume of central compartment C T = concentration of drug at time T 19PowerPoint Presentation: The Loo- Riegelman method requires plasma drug concentration time data both after oral and i. logging in or signing up DETERMINATION OF ABSORPTION RATE CONSTANT mehta.manan90 Download Post to : URL : Related Presentations : Let's Connect Share Add to Flag Embed Email Add to Channel Copy embed code: Embed: Flash iPad Dynamic Copy Does not support media & animations Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed WordPress Embed Customize Embed Use HTTPS URL: Copy Thumbnail: Copy The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. Log c TIME(T) 10PowerPoint Presentation: Substraction of true plasma concentration value i.e. ..

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