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Marcus orders Krista to deliver a bag to Vanessa, and Blade hunts the doctor who makes vaccine to vampires for Marvus.
Blade: The Series: Descent starts as Blade (Sticky Fingaz) has to find another way to discover what evil Vampire Marcus Van Sciver (Neil Jackson) is up since since his main lead Fitz was killed, he figures the only other way to get the information he wants is to go straight to the source. Blade finds a disfigured Vampire called Sands (Ryan Robbins) who became one of Marcus&#39;s unwilling experiments &amp; actually lived to tell the tale, Blade forces Sands to take him where he was experimented on in search of clues &amp; possibly answers. Meanwhile Blade&#39;s contact Krista (Jill Wagner) is trying to suppress her Vampire instincts as she tries to get Blade some of the Aurora drug without raising suspicion…<br/><br/>Descent was episode 3 from season 1 of the made-for-TV Blade: The Series, directed by John Fawcett this is a pretty talkative &amp; uneventful episode. The script by Adam Targum is a direct follow up to episodes 1 &amp; 2 &amp; you will either have to be familiar with the series or have seen the previous two episodes to understand completely what&#39;s going on. While most of the episodes have a storyline of their own &amp; let the various sub plots that run throughout the series develop in the background Descent seems like pure exposition &amp; little else, there is only a couple of half hearted action scenes in this episode &amp; it&#39;s not really enough to sustain it&#39;s 45 minute duration which lacks excitement &amp; isn&#39;t that memorable. I mean the basic formula for Blade isn&#39;t difficult is it? All the filmmakers have to do is make sure Blade gets to kick some Vampire butt in regular bouts of violent martial arts action with a touch of gore, unfortunately the makers of Descent forgot this simple rule.<br/><br/>This one looks OK, it looks just like any other episode from the series as it obviously uses the same sets. The lower TV budget obviously means the action &amp; special effects are on a smaller scale than the films. There&#39;s not much gore in this one, there&#39;s a couple of Vampire bites &amp; a deformed Vampire but nothing else. The acting is OK although disappointingly Jessica Gower doesn&#39;t get to torture anyone during this episode &amp; her opportunity to be evil is rather limited in this one.<br/><br/>Descent is one of the more talky episodes &amp; frankly it&#39;s just a little bit dull even at a short 45 minutes, I suppose it&#39;s alright &amp; essential if you want to watch &amp; follow the series all the way through but as a stand alone episode I&#39;m not a huge fan of it.

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